Seamless Odoo Shipping with ShipStation Integration

Automate Your Shipping Process for Unmatched Efficiency

Powerful Shipping Integration for Odoo

Leverage the powerful e-commerce capabilities of Odoo and streamline your shipping process with ShipStation. With Bluemax Partners' ShipStation Integration, experience the pinnacle of shipping automation.

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Revolutionizing Odoo Shipping

Odoo users in the U.S. have long faced challenges with shipping directly through Odoo. Previous integrations struggled with multi-product shipments and were not as efficient. Our solution removes these hurdles, making shipping simple and straightforward.

Easy Setup

Completely integrated into Odoo through the delivery module to take advantage of all ShipStation has to offer. Get our integration up and running in just one day.

Faster Shipping

Real-time data push to ShipStation means quicker shipping with less data entry. 

No need to leave Odoo delivery to process a package. 

Compatible with negotiated rates from UPS, Fedex & more.

Supports all shipping types from USPS, UPS, Fedex & lots more.

Order Synching

Real-time data push to ShipStation means quicker shipping with less data entry. 

Third party bill in a breeze,  we support storing multiple 3rd party billing accounts for UPS and FedEx.

No more hand keying orders, Import orders from 100+ selling channels and marketplaces. Then these orders are automatically injected in to Odoo.

When orders are shipped, the tracking numbers are automatically updated back to the selling channels or market places.

Multi-Product Shipping

Efficiently price and ship multiple products in a single order with ease. You can ship as many packages needed on one order. 

Dimensions and weight can be directly entered in to Delivery without putting in packs.

The actual cost with markup can be automatically added to the sales order for invoicing

Your Trusted Shipping Partner

Expert Driven

Crafted by industry experts, our integration reflects a deep understanding of e-commerce and logistics needs. We've built our solution based on real-world shipping and fulfillment scenarios, ensuring a robust platform that addresses complex shipping demands.

User-Centric Design

Our integration is designed with the user in mind. A straightforward and intuitive interface ensures that your team can adopt and utilize the system without a steep learning curve, maximizing efficiency from day one.

Seamless Odoo Integration

Bluemax ShipStation Integration is seamlessly woven into the fabric of your Odoo eCommerce platform. Experience a unified workflow with no disruption, maintaining all the functionalities you love about Odoo enhanced with the shipping prowess of ShipStation.

Adaptive Shipping Solutions

Shipping is not one-size-fits-all, and neither is our integration. Bluemax offers adaptive solutions that cater to various shipping volumes, product types, and operational scales, ensuring your business’s unique needs are met.

Continuous Updates and Support

The e-commerce and shipping landscapes are always evolving, and so is our integration. With continuous updates and dedicated support from Bluemax, your business stays ahead of the curve in efficiency and compliance.

Community Trusted

Bluemax’s integration isn’t just another tool—it’s a community-endorsed solution. Trusted by a growing network of e-commerce businesses, our integration comes with the reassurance of proven success and reliability in diverse shipping scenarios.

Created by Retailers, for Retailers

Our founders aren't just tech innovators; they're business owners like you. We crafted our Shipstation Solution to address our own needs for better shipping efficiency. Now, we're bringing our creation to you – because your retail business deserves the best.

Ready to Maximize Your Shipping Game?

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